Do you live in a state other than Minnesota and have a loved one who passed away owning an interest in property in Minnesota?  Are you an attorney representing an estate where the decedent owned real property or other assets in Minnesota? Do you need help with a Minnesota probate matter?

Guttman Law, PLLC is available to help.  Our firm has successfully and compassionately represented personal pepresentatives, successor trustees, and beneficiaries of estates being probated or settled outside of Minnesota.

Matt Guttman believes that having the assistance of a qualified local Minnesota probate attorney will help make the estate settlement process move more smoothly and relieve some of the burdens associated with settling a loved one’s estate.  Our firm will work to make the Minnesota portion of the estate administration as efficient as possible. In many instances, we can help you or your client avoid having to appear in a Minnesota probate court to settle a loved one’s estate.

If you would like to discuss your situation, please contact our firm for a free case evaluation.