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Guttman Law, PLLC is a premier estate planning practice serving clients in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and throughout Minnesota. We leverage our skills and experience to help individuals, families, and business owners plan their financial futures. Planning your estate may be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. 

When you consult with us, we will listen to your concerns and work closely with you to achieve your objectives. Once your estate plan is in place, you will have comfort knowing that your assets and loved ones will be protected. Please contact our office today to consult with an experienced estate planning attorney.

Comprehensive Estate Planning in Minnesota: Wills, Trusts, and Beyond

At Guttman Law, we know that no two estates are alike, and each client has unique needs. A young couple starting a family may be well-served by a will, while someone approaching retirement may also need to consider long-term care planning. By understanding your objectives, we will work to create an estate plan tailored to your needs.

Although a will (Last Will and Testament) is the most basic estate planning document that establishes how your assets will be distributed when you die, a well-conceived plan also includes strategies for asset protection, incapacity planning, and wealth preservation. We can help you explore a variety of planning tools, including: 

Revocable Living Trust

A revocable living trust takes ownership of your property but allows you to continue managing it during your lifetime. This type of trust is typically used in conjunction with a will to carry out your wishes by appointing a successor trustee to carry out the terms of the trust. The main benefits of a revocable living trust is that it avoids probate, which will save time and money and maintain the privacy of the financial arrangements, and allows a person to plan for incapacity. 

Irrevocable Trust

As the name implies, an irrevocable trust cannot be altered during your lifetime. There are different types of trusts designed to achieve a variety of objectives, such as providing for a loved one with special needs, long-term care planning, charitable giving, avoiding estate taxes and asset protection, and, for high net-worth individuals, wealth preservation.

Durable Power of Attorney

Who will manage your affairs if you are suddenly hospitalized and cannot speak for yourself?

By assigning a power of attorney, you can name a trusted individual to handle your business and personal affairs if you become incapacitated (e.g. managing bank and investment accounts, paying debts).

Advance Health Care Directive

Also referred to as a health care proxy, this document allows you to declare your health care wishes and name an agent to make decisions about the medical treatment you should receive if you cannot communicate due to an illness or injury.

We understand that planning an estate can be daunting, in part because people often associate estate planning with death; however, a well-designed plan can protect your assets while you are living and secure your financial future. 

Not establishing an estate plan means that the court may intervene to make decisions that may not agree with your wishes, however, and the wrong people may then inherit your assets. Ultimately, the best way to protect yourself, your family, and your legacy is to consult with an experienced Minnesota estate planning attorney.

Estate Planning Experience That Matters

Trust Guttman Law to help you navigate the process and achieve your estate planning

objectives, whether protecting your assets, planning for your children, or preparing for your retirement years. 

Whatever your estate planning needs may be, we will work to help you make informed decisions about your future. Knowing there is no “one size fits all” plan, we help you create an estate plan that works best for you. Because estate planning is not a once and done arrangement, we are also available to provide ongoing counsel to help you align your estate plan with lifetime changes: marriage, starting a family, acquiring property, owning a business, divorce, retirement. 

Above all, we will always work in your best interests and help you prepare for the expected and the unexpected. You can rely on our well-deserved reputation as trusted advisors who provide our clients with compassionate, efficient representation. 

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At Guttman Law, we work with clients from all backgrounds, including middle-income families, same-sex couples, and high-net-worth individuals. Whether you have a small estate or have acquired significant assets, planning your estate is the best way to protect your assets and the financial future of your family.  

Regardless of your financial or family status, we will provide you the informed representation you need and the dependable service you deserve. The sooner you contact our office, the sooner you can start planning your estate. Please contact our office today to schedule a consultation.