Guttman Law, PLLC focuses solely on the areas of Estate Planning, Estate Administration, and Probate services. Our team of experienced estate planning attorneys and support staff are dedicated to helping Minnesotans create strategic, adaptable, and effective estate plans (including wills, trusts, powers of attorney and health care directives) that address their unique goals and concerns. 

The Guttman Law Planning Process

Through our highly personalized strategic planning process, attorneys Matt Guttman and Jamie Reff-Wagner will seek to understand your unique circumstances, including the loved ones you want to ensure are cared for once you’re gone and the valuable assets you would like to protect. This personalized process will help our team to create a plan that creates security for your loved ones and peace of mind for you. 

Estate Planning Made Simple

We know that estate planning can feel overwhelming or intimidating at times and we strive to make the planning process as simple and transparent as possible. Our attorneys will explain the advanced planning options and tools available to address your concerns in everyday terms, so you not only know you have an effective estate plan, but you also will understand how the plan is designed to work.

Our team is also happy (and excited!) to work with your trusted financial advisor. If you have a financial advisor who has helped you to create a strong financial plan, it is a great idea to keep them up-to-speed on your estate plan. By involving this trusted advisor to take part in our strategic planning session, we can work with your advisor to ensure that your estate plan is the perfect fit to your financial goals and wishes.

Education & Communication

At Guttman Law, we believe that the best way to create a great estate plan is to make sure that our clients understand their plans and feel comfortable reaching out to us if they’re ever worried, confused, or just have questions for our team. 

Through our review and final signing process, attorneys Matt Guttman and Jamie Reff-Wagner walk each client through their estate plan piece by piece to make sure they understand how the plan is designed to function. 

We welcome our clients to call our firm to ask questions and check in as needed. Unlike many firms, we don’t charge for client phone calls related to their estate plans because we don’t want our clients to hesitate to call us when they’re concerned. We also encourage our clients to schedule complimentary periodic review meetings to refresh their memories and invite their loved ones to meet our team and learn about the estate plan they may later help to execute. 

Our Goal

At Guttman Law, our goal is to help Minnesotans to create properly designed estate plans that protect their loved ones, manage their assets, and help avoid conflict and frustration in the event of incapacity or death. We strive to create an open line of communication so that our clients understand their plans, share their plans with trusted loved ones or advisors, and review their plans periodically to ensure their wishes will be carried out exactly as they desire.